3 Natural Remedies to Alleviate Cold Symptoms

Everyone has experienced the annoying presence of the common cold before. You may have a painful cough, a stuffy nose, or a sore throat that persists for days on end. Many people are tempted to take a dose of over-the-counter cold medicines, but others are concerned about the ingredients found in these pills. These yogis would much rather find a natural remedy to alleviate their symptoms on a daily basis.

Fortunately, finding natural remedies for common complaints like the cold is becoming significantly easier. The drug stores and local pharmacies are starting to stock products that fall into the category of natural health products. When your body isn’t at its best, these remedies can help you to feel better faster.

Apply a Homemade Chest Rub

You can skip all of the chemicals in the commercially made chest rubs you see on the shelves. Instead, create your own version using natural and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Combine three drops of eucalyptus essential oil and three drops of rosemary essential oil with one tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil. Mix them together well and spread them over the chest for relief from a cough or stuffy nose.

You may also want to rub this concoction on the bottom of your feet and cover them with cotton socks.

Swallow Some Elderberry Syrup

Natural health enthusiasts are always promoting the beneficial properties of a quality container of elderberry syrup. This liquid is meant to be sweet and helps to fight off germs and infections. You can take it to prevent a cold or use it to shorten the timespan that you happen to be sick. You can purchase a jar of this at a natural health store or whip up a batch on your own using a handful of simple ingredients.

Make Some Peppermint Tea

When you’re sick, you probably crave things that are hot and steamy. You may not feel up to eating a heavy bowl of soup, but a mug of steaming tea might be able to do the trick. Peppermint tea has many properties that make it ideal for individuals who happen to be sick. The leaves are antibacterial which help to kill infections. It is also well known as a natural remedy to settle an upset stomach.

Be sure to drink lots of this tea without sweeteners if possible. If you simply must have it sweetened, add a teaspoon of honey instead of granulated sugar. It’s a healthier alternative that can contribute to your recovery.

In the end, there are a lot of natural home remedies you can use to ward off lingering cold and flu symptoms. Many of the ingredients are easy to find around town, but you may be able to order them online if you have a few days to wait. There’s no better substitute for sickness than drinking plenty of fluids and getting rest though. Be sure to take care of your body during times where it isn’t at its very best. This can help you to stay healthier in the long run.

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