5 Yoga Clothing Hacks

Here are some of my favorite yoga hacks to wear yoga clothes to work. That way you can do some yoga at lunch and then come back to work and still look fantastic. It’s important to stretch the body throughout the day. However, you might need to change your entire outfit ensemble to be able to always be stretching at work. Follow these hacks to achieve the perfect yoga-to-work outfit. Keep a yoga mat and pillow stashed in your office or car for easy access. You might even get to take a post-yoga nap on your yoga mat!

Hack 1:

Wear your yoga top, usually a tight nylon or spandex yoga shirt, underneath a nice top works. That way when you are done at the office you just throw the office shirt off and you are ready to go for yoga time.

It’s often hard to find a place to change when outside of the home or during your lunch break. Changing clothes also takes up your precious time when you only get a certain amount of time for breaks. Instead, layer up your yoga and work outfit to solve this problem. If the weather is cold enough you can even layer yoga pants under loose jeans for an easy yoga transformation.

Avoid keeping the yoga pants on too long so your skin has a chance to breathe. Maybe bring a bag with you to throw the yoga pants in there when you’re done practicing yoga.

Hack 2:

Throw a little blazer or cardigan on top of a t-shirt. Now you have your secret yoga-shirt underneath but you have your nice t-shirt showing under a work-appropriate blazer. Alternatively, you could throw on a long workstyle sweater over yoga leggings.

Hack 3: 

Wear your yoga pants to work. Pair a long top/sweater with yoga leggings. Black yoga leggings are a classic option. Also, thick gray yoga pants can easily fit into the office-appropriate style. Navy yoga pants could also work.

Hack 4: 

Wear shoes that really dress up your outfit. You can wear high boots that go all the way to the knee. With boots going all the way to the knee combined with a long top nobody can even tell that you’re wearing yoga pants.

In cold weather wear the boots however, in warmer weather you can wear flats or heels. Wearing flats are great because they are easy to slip off at your desk and easily pull one leg into a cross-legged position for a nice hip stretch.

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