Hatha Yoga – What You Need to Know

Hatha Yoga – What You Need to Know

You could look at a yoga class list in your local studio and would notice all kind of different styles of modern yoga being practiced today. If you are a traditionalist and prefer to stick to the cores and fundamentals of yoga’s philosophy, then Hatha yoga is certainly the style you should opt for. It originated thousands of years ago; however, the common perception and popularization of the style came about in 16th century India.

Hatha Yoga is not a single style, rather a mixture of various traditional styles that were established by the original master yogis. As in almost any other style, breath techniques and posture are the most important things you will be taught in such classes, and there is a focus on self-reflection and meditation.

The Problem with Hatha Yoga

Due to the variety of yoga styles Hatha adopts, it’s hard to know what you will get when you attend a Hatha yoga class. The best approach would be to compare it to another style of yoga and break down its specifications.

The literal translation of Hatha is “sun and moon”, the philosophy of the yogis that refers to the feminine and masculine qualities each person possesses when attempting to find the balance between flexibility and strength. Another translation would be “forceful” which is why the style is often described as physical. However, any studio that focuses on these traditional elements will certainly incorporate the meditation and spiritual elements of the style.

Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Different types of physical benefits have been observed within the Hatha yoga practitioners. The practice could help a person be more flexible, attain physical strength or make you fit all together. Its effects have shown to release a person from physical pain, especially back pain, and even help people suffering from insomnia. This particular style of yoga will help you combat and prevent morbid obesity and it could truly enable you to get in good shape. This is something incredibly beneficial and it’s something that drives a lot of people towards practicing.

Yoga practice helps release stress and ease up levels of anxiety daily. Benefits go even as further as helping patients diagnosed with various psychiatric disorders such as ADHD and schizophrenia.

The Hatha Flow

If you are a person with wrist or shoulder problems, then you might have felt discomfort while practicing certain styles of yoga. The Hatha flow is friendly and gentle and puts no pressure in those areas, the main focus is on posture which improves your strength, awareness, breathing, openness and stillness. The breathing methods are suitable for beginners, even though they are a mixture of many different types of breathing yoga practices, which were selected and further improved and modernized to suit the needs of the modern world’s practitioners.

Hatha will help you prepare your body for adversities in a calm, balanced manner in a both spiritual and physical way.