What is Green Yoga and Fashion ?

Eco-friendly options are available in almost every aspect of modern life. As people get more concerned with the planet and with our effects on it, smart companies are finding ways to marry this concern with consumer culture as well as fashion. However, the Green yoga trend goes beyond clothing, with implications for every aspect of life and lifestyle. To discover what green yoga is and whether it fits with your practice, keep reading.

What is it?

Green yoga fashion is exactly what it sounds like, it is yoga gear that is made from eco-friendly, organic or recycled materials. Companies that make Green Yoga gear use reduced packaging and try to work with local producers or manufacturers when possible. However, this is a philosophy that goes further than the making and use of eco-friendly yoga clothes.

Green Yoga studios

The Green trend goes even further with Green Yoga studios appearing all over America. The idea of these, to cause no harm, can be seen in the workouts as well as the materials used to build the studios and the philosophies that drive the meditational practices. It is a growing movement that teaches connection with the external world and with the self and the pursuit of things that benefit both of these aspects of life.

How to go green in yoga

Apart from wearing yoga clothes that are as eco-friendly as possible, there are a number of things you can do to go green in every aspect of your yoga practice. It means being aware of your surroundings. Often, people don’t think about what chemicals are used to make or clean the floors and walls around us, though they can be toxic, cause cancer or just be really bad for the environment. Cleaning products used in your yoga spaces should be re-evaluated as well, with many of them containing the same dangerous chemicals that can be breathed in while practicing yoga or just while going about your day to day life.

Continuing Green Yoga outside of class

The trend for Green Yoga has moved outside of yoga classes. Practitioners and teachers of this way believe in recycling and reusing wherever possible and the manufacture and use of green products in every aspect of their lives. Groups that were once formed to practice yoga have become more than that, communicating and cooperating in order to discuss better life practices and how green philosophies can become made a bigger part of their businesses and general life activities. These groups not only help pass on useful tips for a green living but create a better sense of community and connection in the battle for greener living.

Yoga is seen as a natural, organic way of moving and exercising that fits with a lifestyle that is more connected to the earth and spirituality than most other workout styles. This is why the trend for Green yoga in fashion and in other aspects of life goes so well with the way of thinking and living that yoga practitioners usually adopt. Though it would seem to be just another trend, if it helps the planet then it would seem to be one that’s worth following

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