What is Tulsi ?

Tulsi is a potent herb, otherwise known as Holy Basil, that has been used in India for many years. Its primary purpose is for divine protection but it also has many medicinal benefits. Considered sacred in Hindu belief, it is regarded as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi, who is a consort of the god Vishnu.

In Hinduism, tree worship is a common practice; but Tulsi, in particular, is viewed as the holiest of all plants. It is observed as the threshold point between heaven and earth. It has exquisite lavender colored flowers with small pieces of fruit that add a red-orange color to its canvas.

As an Offering

When the worship of Vishnu occurs, the leaves are offered to him and his other forms that include Krishna and Vithoba. A traditional prayer is spoken, which describes the residence of the creator Brahma within the branches of the plant.

The plant itself can be broken up into its parts where each part represents different beliefs. Specifically, all Hindu pilgrimage centers reside within the roots. The Ganges flows through the roots and the deities reside within the stem; the Hindu scriptures are the leaves and the Vedas are in the upper part of its branches.

Medicinal Properties

Tulsi has more than a spiritual purpose. There are many who follow the medical properties it provides through Ayurveda belief. Walking through an Indian home, it is not uncommon to find a living Tulsi plant within the interior, in a place of honor.

The Ayurvedic belief is that the Holy Basil promotes purity and lightness within the body. It cleanses the respiratory tract of all toxins that reside within the body, as well as relieve any digestive gas and bloating that often occurs.

If you suffer from a respiratory disorder, try a mixture of the leaves with honey and ginger as a cure for bronchitis, influenza, a fever, cold or a cough. This brew can even help in the case of those who suffer from asthma. Feel free to also try boiling some water with the leaves as it relieves sore throat when drank, or cooled down to room temperature and used as a gargle.

The leaves are also used to calm the body and mind and are used frequently as an anti-stress agent. The process for this is simpler. By just chewing on 12 leaves of basil, twice a day, it helps purify the blood and decrease the buildup of stress.


The stems of this versatile plant are frequently made into meditation malas or rosaries used for prayer or during the time of meditation. By using the holy plant, the user is promoting the quality of attachment and helping clear the aura and strengthen the immune system. The plant helps give the user the power of pure awareness.

This amazing and powerful plant can be used in a variety of ways, whether as a cleansing skin powder, as an oil to treat the appearance of grey hair, or as a dried herb in tea to promote better health. If you are looking for a more holistic approach to your lifestyle and are intrigued by traditional medicine, then give this Holy plant a try.

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